Stress Free 5 Star Delivery

1 – We will unpack your merchandise.

2 – We will load merchandise onto the truck in reverse order of deliveries.

3 – We will carefully blanket wrap each piece and we cover upholstery with plastic.

4- We will confirm your delivery in advance and give you a 30 minute window the day before.

Planning Your Delivery

  • Dungey’s Furniture & Floors appreciates your new furniture and mattress purchase. We want to make sure that the delivery is problem-free. Here is important measurement and home environment information that you should consider before taking delivery.
  • Your Dungey’s Furniture & Floors salesperson will be happy to assist you in answering these questions:
  • Will our delivery truck have easy access on your street?
  • Is your driveway and any nearby sidewalks free of obstructions?
  • Is your driveway large enough to accommodate a 21 ft truck?
  • Will all of the furniture you purchased fit through your doorways, starting with the front door?
  • Will your new furniture fit up your stairway?
  • Are your home’s hallways large enough for our delivery personnel to carry your furniture through?

Preparation For Your Delivery

Please inform your sales associate or designer of any difficulties our delivery staff may have in your home (ie. small entrances, spiral stairs, narrow halls, etc.). Difficult deliveries such as over balconies, through windows or deliveries above the 4th floor without an elevator will not be done by our delivery staff. We are unable to provide electrical hookups or movement of any electronics you might have. We are not equipped to handle such items as pool tables, pianos or other bulky specialty items. To ensure safety of our drivers, you must remove animals, snow or other obstacles prior to delivery.

Confirming Your Delivery

Our delivery department will call you to confirm your delivery date and address. Delivery will occur between the hours of 8:30 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. 


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